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Eye-catching Designs that Maximize Your Marketing Efforts 

Smart use of lines, patterns, colors, typography, images and illustration etc. backed by creative concepts can efficiently strengthen your brand identity and marketing messages. Our graphic designers having comprehensive design experiences in print, motion graphic, social and POS, are committed to helping our clients to present information via stunning visuals . 

Design Conceptualization 

  • Graphic Design and Artwork development

  • Adaptation and Output 

  • Align and understand the goal and project scope

  • Develop creative ideas and key message

  • Propose graphic style, typography and color tone

Graphic Design and Artwork development  

  • Propose layouts for client selection 

  • Creative copywriting

  • Content editing

  • Advise the best possible adjustment / improvement based on client’s feedback 

  • Arrange in-house photo shooting and retouching service (if need)

Adaptation and Output 

  •  Tailor-made layouts for different specifications/ marketing channel(s)

  • Color separation for printed materials transition effect and motion graphics 

  • Liaise with printer, media agencies to ensure the accuracy of all materials and delivered on time 

One-stop Design Service

One-stop design service, from concept development, photography to production of different formats of layout - print ad, outdoor ad, online ad, social media ad, product packaging and product catalog


Over the years, Topix has cooperated with over 100 local and multinational brands from different industries to create remarkable campaigns, impressive images and videos. 

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